About Us

Open Arms Solutions is a fully licensed and bonded home care agency dedicated to helping families find exceptional care for their loved ones.

Prior to founding Open Arms Solutions, President Julie Kollada’s mother, Jeanne, a bright and vibrant woman, was given a diagnosis of Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease that left her completely dependent. Without warning, Julie and her family were left to figure things out:

  • Where was her mother to live?
  • Who was to care for her?
  • How would long-term care insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid figure into the financial picture?
  • And who was there to help Julie untangle the vast web of questions?

An intense education in and introduction to the warm and caring world of healthcare heroes followed . . . home care, assisted care, skilled nursing, hospice, attorneys, physicians, nurses, and therapists – the list goes on.

Based on her firsthand experience, Julie, along with her business partners who share significant personal and professional experience in providing solutions for seniors, made the long-term commitment to give back by guiding families through the toughest of times, providing education, relevant resources and referrals and helping seniors regain, maintain and preserve their quality of life.

Open Arms was founded in 2009 with the mission to support our clients’ independence at every stage of their lives.  Now in our 9th year, we have helped hundreds of families navigate the challenges of aging and illness and proudly supported the dignity and independence that comes with living in their own home.  These core values define who we are as an organization and how we want to represent our team.


We will continue to live by these core values and will hire and review performance based on these values:


Since the company was founded 8 years ago teamwork and collaboration have been cornerstones of Open Arms.

From our recruiting team finding and training great caregivers, to our staff meeting with families to understand their needs, to the care coordinators creating a care plan and selecting the right caregivers, it takes an entire team to deliver extraordinary services.



We care for people often at the most vulnerable times of their lives; they are often hurting, scared, overwhelmed and adjusting to their new normal. Family members are being thrust into roles they never expected to play in their loved ones’ lives.  Compassion is a warm smile, a gentle touch, a knowing glance that says I am here for you.

Do The Right Thing

We are involved in caring for people who often are totally dependent on our care. Their families are counting on us to deliver our promise of taking care of their loved one and lightening their load.  We are sometimes called on to make hard decisions to deliver on our promise

Above and Beyond

What makes Open Arms an extraordinary company is the dedicated team that makes sure we fulfill our mission; sometimes that means going above and beyond the normal job description or a 9-5 schedule.


We deal with many and complex challenges every day to ensure we are providing the highest quality care for our clients, the best overall solutions for families, and meaningful work for our caregivers.  We often have to think through obstacles and find the best possible solutions.  We value people that approach these challenges with a positive attitude and a focus on moving towards solutions.

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