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When Only the BEST Will Do.

When it comes to the business of caring, people are our greatest asset. Open Arms Solutions’ caregivers are simply the best.

Inviting someone into your home to care for your loved one requires significant trust. We understand, and we share your concerns. That is why Open Arms Solutions is committed to rigorous recruitment and screening standards and complete transparency. Each Open Arms caregiver we select agrees to an extensive background check to help ensure the utmost in quality, skill and professionalism and our highest confidence in placing him or her in your home.

Our rigorous recruitment and screening standards include:


  • Initial phone screening
  • In-depth interviews
  • Two levels of criminal background checks, which well exceed state-required standards
  • Motor vehicle record (MVR) screening
  • Illinois Department of Public Health clearance
  • License/certificate verification
  • State health screenings as required by law
  • Five-panel drug screening
  • Reference check from minimum of two prior employers
  • Competency verification and initial training by a Care Coordinator


  • Ongoing training
  • Care Coordinator supervisory visits at 45-day intervals
  • In-office orientation prior to placement
  • Quarterly performance reviews
  • Continual monitoring license/certificate, MVR and healthcare worker verification throughout employee tenure
  • Weekly check-in with caregiver and client
  • Independent survey conducted with clients and caregivers on random, anonymous basis

Alzheimer’s Whisperer™ Training From Services Dementia Page

In addition, Open Arms Solutions offers advanced training in caring for people with memory loss for care coordinators and caregivers. Based on the teachings of Dr. Verna Benner Carson and time-proven Alzheimer’s Whisperer techniques, Open Arms caregivers are taught a better, loving approach to managing difficult behaviors and creating a more mutually-fulfilling care-giving and care-receiving relationship. Learn more about becoming an Alzheimer’s Whisperer here.

The Open Arms Academy also offers educational programs to family members as well as professionals within the healthcare field.

Open Heart

Open Arms caregivers believe that caring is more than just a job; it is a way of life. We hire for compassion, dedication, kindness, warmth and helpfulness and believe that people who have these open hearts and kind souls are ideal caregivers who will eventually become an integral part of the fabric of our families’ lives.

Open Eyes

We seek the top caregivers throughout Chicagoland. With our Open Eyes screening process, including extensive background checks and face-to-face interviews, we select the ideal candidates to care for our families.