Support Staff

Building a business without losing a personal touch is challenging, but Open Arms is able to provide compassion without compromising skill or expertise, ensuring that clients have the most positive caregiver experience. Our support staff are experienced healthcare professionals who have a wide range of responsibilities in supporting our caregivers and our client families.

Nina Anderson

On-Call Manager

Nina Anderson is Open Arms On-Call Manager. Nina answers all calls from clients and caregivers after business hours. Our phone lines are open 24/7, and Nina is always available to assist with an emergency, issue or problem that arises outside of normal business hours. Nina really enjoys the opportunity to help people through stressful situations and circumstances with her calm and problem-solving demeanor. Nina’s experiences dealing with aging parents helps her to be empathetic and understanding toward Open Arms clients and families.

Katrina Betts

Care Coordinator

Katrina knows firsthand what makes a good, compassionate, skilled caregiver. She started with Open Arms several years ago as a CNA with direct caregiving responsibilities. Her exceptional caregiving skills combined with her excellent communication skills made her the perfect candidate for promotion to Care Coordinator. Additionally, Katrina is well versed on training caregivers about each client’s needs and maintaining great relationships with our clients and their families. She enjoys being a Care Coordinator because she can use her on-the-job experience to help caregivers and clients. She enjoys helping people, and it makes her feel like she has a worthwhile purpose.

Susan Chacon

Client Care Coordinator

Susan came to Open Arms with 8 years of 911 call center experience. She uses her warmth and compassion to deal with the difficult and urgent situations that often occur in senior care. She enjoys working with seniors in a fast paced environment and coordinating cases on a daily basis. Susan brings a very detailed orientated, positive attitude to the job. And, she is an amazing team player. Susan’s patience and passion about her job bring great reassurance and comfort to her clients and their loved ones.

Jamie Heider

Client Care Coordinator

Jamie is a client care coordinator who is involved in every step of the care process including assessing our client’s specific care requirements and desires, as well as training caregivers about each of the client’s care needs and expectations. Every care plan is designed to be specific to each client. Jamie has been in the healthcare field for seventeen years as a Licensed Practical Nurse and Certified Surgical Technologist. Jamie has practical work experience in home health, long term care, medical/surgical departments within hospitals, as well as family medicine including geriatric care. Jamie has a vast knowledge of medication management and wound care. If additional services are needed, she can assist in this area under the realm of Open Arms Home Nursing licensure. Jamie’s best attributes are her passion for helping others and desire to develop close relationships with her clients and their families. Jamie utilizes a holistic approach to her clients’ care which includes all members of the client’s care team. Jamie strives to understand and appreciate differences in each client’s family dynamic in order to create the safest and most comfortable environment possible.

Kathleen Hennen

Care Coordinator

Kathleen joins the Open Arms team as a Care Coordinator. She has ten years of experience in the health care field including: caregiving and life enrichment, scheduling, educating/training caregivers and families, hospice work, and coordinating care. Kathleen takes an individualized approach when it comes to designing a care plan for her clients. She has an understanding of the challenges clients and their families face, and approaches these challenges with sensitivity and compassion. Kathleen is able to communicate with and educate caregivers, family members, and other members of the client’s care team in order to create a nurturing and supportive environment.

Justyna Krylowska

Recruiting/Staffing Supervisor

Justyna Krylowska is the Recruiter/Staffing Supervisor for Open Arms. Justyna has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from Northeastern Illinois University. She is responsible for the entire recruiting process including: screening, hiring and training our exceptional caregiving staff. Justyna’ s outgoing positive attitude makes her an excellent candidate for meeting, greeting and transitioning new employees to Open Arms. She embodies the optimistic spirit Open Arms wants to project to clients, families, and caregivers. Justyna truly enjoys meeting new people and helping the company recruit the best caregiving staff possible.

Rachel Marks, RN

Nurse Manager

Rachel joins the Open Arms Team, as The Community Manger. While Rachel was completing her Bachelor in Science of Nursing at the University of Michigan, she worked in the sports industry, helping guide student athletes and families through the recruiting process. Through these experiences, she has developed an empathetic approach that allows her to help guide and comfort families through the difficult and sometimes unknown waters ahead. Since then she has come back to the health care field with an excitement and compassion for helping others. Some of her responsibilities include meeting and completing thorough assessments on our new clients, working closely with other organizations in the community to provide holistic care to every client, communicating with families to keep them updated on any care needs or concerns, and staff development. She is a team player and her positive attitude helps to connect and bring joy to both our clients and families. Rachel loves helping others and bringing a smile to someone’s face!

Michelle Tapnio

Customer Relations Manager

Michelle joins Open Arms Solutions with over 15 years of experience in the Post-Acute Healthcare Industry and has a great depth of knowledge and resources available to assist our professional referral sources and families. Michelle’s responsibilities include marketing to the community at large, partnering with physicians, case managers, CCRC s, SNFs, ALFs and ILFs to provide appropriate home care solutions for their patients. Michelle’s warm demeanor creates a comfortable introduction for new clients who are considering home care for the first time and looking for support and guidance.