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Open Arms caregivers take their caregiving responsibilities to a higher level – a level where creating joy is the ultimate goal… where continuously improving skills through ongoing training is a personal expectation… and where appreciation for a job well done is truly recognized.

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Open Arms caregivers are inspired to make a di erence in their clients’ lives through skills learned in regular and ongoing training on caregiving regulations, customer service and proven techniques, as well as specialized training regarding caring for people with chronic disorders and degenerative disorders.


Our Caregivers & Why You Should Work at Open Arms

Caregiver summer series: Toya Sprott

What inspired you to be a caregiver? Before becoming a caregiver, I worked in a nursing home in Waukegan. I assisted the aides and
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Early signs and communication tools to care for aging adults with cognitive and mood disorders

More than 20 percent of adults aged 60 and older suffer from a mental or neurological disorder. The most common disorders are dementia,
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