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An Unlikely Pair: The Extraordinary Bond Between Client and Caregiver

At times life can present us with the most unfortunate of circumstances, but out of those circumstances can come the greatest rewards; such as the friendship that blossoms between a caregiver and a client.

A recent and extraordinary example of this friendship is shown in the new movie, The Upside, with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston. Cranston’s character, Phillip Lacasse, is a quadriplegic man in need of assistance with life’s daily activities. In his search for a full-time caregiver, Lacasse meets Dell Scott (Hart) a recently paroled convict and decides to give him a second chance at life, ultimately giving him the job. Their relationship begins as simply caregiver and client but soon they realize they are changing each other for the better.

This incredible friendship is based off the true story of wealthy French businessman, Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, and an Algerian immigrant named Abdel Sellou. At first glance these two seemed an unlikely pair, but according to Philippe, Abdel was exactly the personality he was looking for in a caregiver. In an interview with the Independent, Philippe says, “We were two desperadoes looking for a way out: the wealthy quadriplegic and a young guy straight from jail who wanted to wreck everything. Two guys out of the margins of society who came to depend on one another.”

The bond between a caregiver and a client is an extraordinary thing. Two individuals, more often than not, from two very different backgrounds put their faith and trust in the each other’s hands. Within this relationship, there is an opportunity for both the client and the caregiver to grow and learn from each other. We, at Open Arms, are very fortunate to witness this every day!

At Open Arms Solutions we understand the importance of this relationship. We employ caregivers who are “compassionate people; they have the right heart for this; they want to do this work, which is a special kind of person,” said Julie Kollada, Open Arms Solutions Founder and President.

Caregiving is a challenging job, but when a client and caregiver develop that special bond between each other, every day is a little bit easier.

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