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January's Caregiver of the Month


Open Arms Solutions is excited to announce our Caregiver of the Month for January 2019 is Parison Agbonavbare! Parison has been helping seniors for the past three years and started caregiving with Open Arms back in February of 2016. This month’s caregiver nomination came from Katrina Betts, one of our Care Coordinators for our In-Home clients. “I nominated Parison because this month he picked up three 10-hour shifts with a new client even after working his normal full-time case just to help out,” said Katrina.

Overall, Parison is dedicated, compassionate and helpful to each and every client he interacts with. He truly embodies our Core Value of Going Above & Beyond. “We can always count on Parison to pick up shifts for his coworkers, or even on cases that aren’t normally his,” said Katrina. “No matter where he goes, he always makes the family and client feel secure. He is always willing to help in any way he can and gives 110%!”

Parison believes his dedication to caregiving comes from his mom, “From my mom, I think, I got the gene of taking care of people and understanding what they are going through; being compassionate.” His compassion and love of helping others makes Parison such a fantastic and celebrated caregiver. Not only does Parison love to help clients with their daily activities but he also loves to sit down and talk with clients. “I get to hear their stories of when they were younger, what they experienced,” said Parison. “It helps me understand clients more because of their stories, being able to appreciate them more.”

As an experienced caregiver, Parison is a great role model for new caregivers that join the Open Arms team. The best piece of advice for new caregivers according to Parison is to love what you do; “It’s simple, you have to love what you do! It’s not about the money, it’s about loving what you do!”

Open Arms Solutions would like to thank Parison for his constant compassion, hard work and dedication to your clients. You truly are a fantastic caregiver!

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