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March's Caregiver of the Month

Open Arms Solutions is proud to congratulate Ewa Siracki as our Caregiver of the Month for March 2019!  Since joining Open Arms back in December 2018, Ewa has been an incredible asset to the Open Arms team, compassionately caring for her clients.  Ewa was nominated by Lily Cordova, one of our In-Home Care Coordinators, “I have seen what a positive impact Ewa has had on her client. She works hard and goes above and beyond for her. The family is so expressive of how much Ewa has helped them and how grateful they are of her. Although it’s been a short period, Ewa has made a big impact on her client’s life.”

Not only do clients love Ewa’s compassion, they also love her positive influence as they progress through their rehabilitation. “Ewa has the ability of turning any frown upside down because she is such a happy and positive person,” said Lily. “She is able to create wonderful relationships with her clients and their families and helps to give them peace of mind for the care that their loved one is receiving.”

Ewa explains that her caregiving skills come from her love to help others, “I love to help, it’s just a natural instinct inside of me.” “(As a caregiver) I make a difference in someone’s life, I make change helping them through the difficult time.” Ewa’s instinct is what makes her such an incredible caregiver to her clients!

Thank you Ewa for your wonderful energy & the incredible care you provide clients!

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