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Why we do what we do. Resident perspective: Burl Covan

Hometown: Blue Island, IL

What is the best part about ‘retiring’?

Having time to travel. I traveled to Copenhagen (Denmark), Sweden, Prague and did a 30-day tour in Israel and Europe.

What is your favorite thing to do now?

I like to read, relax and spend time with family and friends. It is also very important to maintain my health.

What is the most favorite place you’ve traveled?

I loved my 30-day tour in Israel and Europe.

Who is your favorite team/ musician/ performer to watch?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite performer or musician but I do love watching movies and attending concerts. The community I live in, The Breakers at Edgewater Beach, hosts different programs and concerts every week that I really enjoy.

What do you look for in a caregiver?

I look for someone who is competent and loyal. Last year I was hospitalized twice and at the end I couldn’t stand or walk. I needed a caregiver who I could trust.

What is your biggest success?

Teaching high school English and Spanish and being a guidance counselor to my students.

What is your biggest regret?

My biggest regret is that I don’t have immediate family. At times I feel alone. I do, however, have very devoted, close family and friends who I appreciate. I have been healthy most of my life but I could improve in some areas.

What would you change about the way America ages if you could?

I am not sure I would change anything. Strides have been made and I feel that seniors are listened to and when their opinions are right, appropriate action is taken. There are many resources available to the aging population that I wish I had pursued more.

What is one piece of advice for the next generation?

Do everything you can to maintain your health. Visit your doctors regularly, eat healthy and exercise. Pursue productive and worthwhile activities to live a fulfilling life.

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