Senior Care FAQ

Choosing senior care can be overwhelming and there are so many factors to consider. Get answers to our most common questions about personal care at home right now!

Seniors who remain in their own home with a nurturing, supportive environment will continue to be more socially engaged, physically active and achieve a greater state of wellbeing. Our specialized care encircles your loved one with encouragement and security, offering the opportunity to age with dignity in a familiar environment. Personal care at home can also help reduce stress by relieving the family of many duties and responsibilities associated with being a full-time caregiver.

The caregivers at Open Arms Solutions are thoroughly screened and must meet our guidelines for employment – only five percent of total applicants are hired! We perform a comprehensive background investigation that includes a criminal-record check. In addition, all caregivers are required to provide three references and a drug screen. Before a caregiver is employed by Open Arms Solutions they must also pass a competency exam. Only caregivers who pass our in-depth screening process are employed by Open Arms Solutions.

Hiring an in-home caregiver without the support of a fully licensed and bonded home-care agency is a complicated process.  First of all, the responsible family member would be required to recruit, interview, screen, hire and train the caregiver.  If a caregiver doesn’t work out the family goes through the process (and deals with the interim) again as opposed to having the experienced and well-resourced agency manage the effort.  Also, the family will need to have options available for sick days, vacations, turnover, etc.

Plus, when hiring independently, additional family responsibilities include filing payroll taxes and providing insurance coverage for general liability, workers’ compensation and caregiver bonding. Obtaining these insurance policies can be a daunting, timely and expensive task.

In addition, hiring a caregiver without insurance puts your family at significant financial risk for workers’ compensation payments and liability damages.  With a full-service agency the family has no responsibility for employment, injuries or disputes.

With Open Arms Solutions, all of these administrative responsibilities, not to mention care planning, training, ongoing in-person care management visits and back-up care (in the event of vacations, sick days and weekends) are taken care of —so you and your loved one can rest assured and focus on the business of being a family.

Anytime a new caregiver is brought on a case, a Care Coordinator will meet the caregiver at the assignment. This way, introductions between the aging parent and caregiver are comfortable and the transition can be made smoothly. Also during this visit, the Care Manager reviews the specifics of the individualized care plan for the client. In so doing, both caregiver and family members understand the responsibilities of the caregiver.

Open Arms Solutions caregivers are supervised by a Care Coordinator. The Care Coordinator prepares a comprehensive plan of care that describes the individual needs and goals. Once the plan of care is initiated, the Care Coordinator is responsible for monitoring changes in the clients’ status and reporting on them regularly. The Care Coordinator also makes supervisory visits to update the plan of care and evaluate the quality of care provided. While the Illinois Department of Public Health requires supervisory visits once every 90 days, Open Arms Care Coordinators go beyond by making supervisory visits on a monthly basis. Additionally, our Care Coordinators have telephone contact with aging adults, their family and their caregiver on a weekly basis.

Open Arms Solutions can provide caregivers by the hour from 1 hour to  24-hour live-in care. We do not require a minimum number of hours or days.

We maintain on-call access to staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a caregiver fails to show due to illness or an emergency our on call staff will assist you in providing care coverage.

Open Arms Solutions is bonded, licensed (license #1982893) and insured. Copies of these policies are available upon request.

Medicare does not pay for personal care at home but with supplemental long-term care insurance, aging parents and their families can cover the costs of home care. To qualify, aging parents must meet certain health requirements and have the means to pay for the additional plan.