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How to Safely Plan for the Holidays

After nine months of being socially distant in our homes, the urge to gather all together for the holidays is very high! It is important to remember to be safe and limit our holiday gathering as best we can to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19.

Choosing to change holiday plans is a difficult decision, one of the many sacrifices we’ve each had to make this year. Here are just a few ways to stay safe while enjoying the celebrations this year:

Mask Up

If you decide to host a gathering this holiday season, make sure your guests ‘mask-up’ and stay safe! Guests should wear a mask at all times and circulate throughout the home to ensure no extended exposure times. The CDC also suggests that anyone attending a gathering this holiday season should receive a flu shot; it is important to take as many precautions as possible.

Create a Visiting Schedule

A great way to prevent too many people from gathering at one time is to create a holiday visiting schedule. The host can arrange each individual family to arrive and depart at a specific time, allowing for a safe transition between guests. For example, Aunt Mary and her three kids arrive to Grandma Jo’s at 12pm and visit for an hour then Uncle Chris and his wife should arrive at 1:15pm.

Host Garage Hangouts

If weather permits, hosting a garage celebration can be a fun and safe option too. Start with a heater in the corner, add a cooler full of individual drinks and seat guests in their own foldable chairs around the garage. This option gives a traditional feel to a safe environment

Try a Zoom Dinner

The best and safest option for all is to host a virtual celebration with friends and family. Take these virtual celebrations just as seriously as you would if they were in-person. Work together and create a detailed plan of conversations and activities for the celebration; make it has fun as possible.

Remember, this is just one year and by staying home and limiting your celebration you are helping prevent the spread of a deadly disease.

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