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Is Breast Cancer More Prevalent in Older Women?

It is often said that breast cancer is a disease of aging. According to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the median age of breast cancer is 62 & around one quarter are between the age of 75-84. This population of cancer patients not only have to deal with the difficulty of battling the disease, but they must also worry about following a different treatment path because of their age. Unknown to most, there are limitations & guidelines doctors must follow as they begin treating an older adult for breast cancer. One of the reasons for this is because older adults are normally excluded from clinical trials – which is where the basis of standards of treatment comes from. Challenges in Treatment The challenge for doctors is that this older population responds drastically different to treatment than other age groups with breast cancer. Because of their age, they are at a greater risk of severe side effects which could lead to treatment-related mortality. However, at the same time, undertreatment of the disease can also lead to severe consequences. These facts and more showcase just how crucial it is to seek early diagnosis & personalized treatment with the correct oncologist. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation provides extraordinary facts & resources for those in every stage of the disease as well as supporters of those diagnosed. This month we join the millions of women honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month & sharing their own personal stories to increase awareness of this disease. Please join us in honoring those undergoing treatment, resilient survivors, & those who have passed – keep hope alive!

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