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Learn About Your Heart – American Heart Month

For most, February is known as the “Month of Love” featuring chocolate gift boxes, beautiful floral arrangements, and heart-shaped candies. But for those who work in healthcare, February is known for being American Heart Month!

This federal event was established in 1963 by President Lyndon B. Johnson in a Presidential Proclamation with the intention of reminding families and communities of the importance of heart health. Even after 58 years of celebrating this awareness month, heart disease continues to be the largest health risk to our nation, according to the American Heart Association.

But how does heart disease impact YOU? Maybe it runs in your family or you are at risk yourself? The good news is there are many ways to manage your heart condition and make healthier choices for you and your family.

Here are a few resources with healthy living tips:

The Heart Truth from National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute:

Healthy Living Tips from The American Heart Association:

Check out these links and start making changes to better your heart health!

According to The Centers for Disease Control, there are four major ways to take control and improve your heart health.

  1. Stop smoking.
  2. Manage conditions with physician. Work with your primary health care provider to maintain your current conditions and/or medications you are on.
  3. Eat heart-healthy foods. Lowering sodium levels and increasing your fruit and veggie intake can make a big impact on your heart health.
  4. Keep moving. It’s time to dust off the family treadmill and start moving your body each day.

February is the month of love and hearts, join us in celebrating heart health all month long!

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