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Let's Get Moving!

Living a healthy lifestyle is important at any age, however, it is especially important for those over the age of 65. Consistent exercise keeps the body functioning properly and staying healthy longer. Without constant movement our muscles get stiff and make daily tasks more difficult.

As our loved ones get older their resistance to exercise gets stronger, making it a challenge for us as family members to get them moving. No matter the health or skill level, there are easy ways to keep our loved ones moving – here are a couple exercise ideas that we have compiled for seniors at different skill levels.

For seniors who are able to walk on their own with little to no difficulty:

  • Daily Walks. Encourage your loved ones to take daily walks with a family member or friend. This exercise not only provides good movement for their muscles, but it also provides a structured activity in the middle of the day.
  • Sit & Stand. Having seniors practice their sitting and standing ability is a simple but successful exercise. Place a chair in front of a sturdy table with enough space for your senior to stand in-between – then have your senior practice sitting and standing using the table for balance if needed.


For seniors who may struggle with walking on their own:

  • Chair exercises are a great substitute for seniors who have difficulty walking. There are a variety of exercises for both arms and legs that can be done all while sitting in a chair. Every exercise can be altered depending on an individual’s skill level.

Constant exercise can be a daily struggle for seniors, but with the right encouragement and proper techniques, it can help our loved ones stay healthy for a long time ahead.

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