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Creating JOY One Moment at a Time

Congratulations to Open Arms Solutions Caregiver of the Year, Belinda Miller. Hired in 2009, Belinda was one of the first Open Arms caregivers. With a nod to Oz’s good witch Glinda, Belinda’s first client affectionately named her “Belinda, The Good,” and Belinda has been working her good caregiving magic ever since!

More than giving care, Belinda sees her role as helping create joy in her clients’ lives. Together she and her current client, Mrs. K, make visits to the harbor together and share fantasies about boating as they watch the waves and enjoy their ice-cream. They also pursue Mrs. K’s gardening passion as weather permits.

“Belinda is sensitive, compassionate, empathic and reliable,” says Jani Harris, Director of Operations. “She is also smart and proactive and anticipates her client’s needs, often minimizing what could have been a much bigger issue before it escalates.” In addition, Jani and her clients’ families agree that Belinda has great insight into caring for those with cognitive issues in a way that demonstrates respect and admiration for the client.

Congratulations, Belinda! As Oz’s Glinda and Elphaba sing in Wicked, “Because we knew you, we have been changed… for good!”


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