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Boost Your Brain

Does anyone have one of those moments where you just can’t seem to find the car keys or you can’t think of the right word even though it’s on the tip of your tongue? No need to panic, everyone experiences these little brain glitches every now and then. Here are a few simple measures you can take to boost your brain and prevent those glitches from becoming more frequent:

Stay Involved

It’s important to keep your brain active as you age; whether it’s playing a game of Scrabble or going through old pictures with family. No matter your interests you can find a way to keep your brain active.

Don’t Forget Your Check-Up

Research has found that some medical conditions can cause memory loss; such as depression, diabetes and vitamin deficiency. Be sure to visit your physicians on a regular basis and alert them if anything is out of the ordinary for you.

Try Some Tricks

Every now and then memory tricks can help us when we are experiencing a glitch. There are a variety of tricks that people; such as repeating important information out loud when it is told to you, connecting an image with what you need to remember or placing written reminders around your home.

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