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Choosing Home Care

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Many senior rehabilitation centers and retirement communities whose residents seek long-term care, are in a constant search to find trusted home care agencies to recommend. At one senior rehabilitation center, the Radford Green at Sedgebrook, the Community Outreach Coordinator, Cissie Gerber, interviewed 65 companies before choosing Open Arms Solutions as one of six referral partners.

For aging parents who want to remain at home or live with their adult children as long as possible, home care is often a great solution. It provides residents and their families an easier transition into long-term care and an opportunity to receive the care they need from the comfort of their own home.

One of the greatest hesitations residents may have when it comes to choosing home care, is the level of trust for caregivers. In order to choose home care, aging parents and their adult children must trust caregivers to enter and remain in their homes without a third-party present. To gain this level of trust, residents need to feel that they know their caregivers and be confident that the caregiver’s priority is providing the best care for them.

The quality of the right match is one reason Open Arms Solutions is committed to carefully matching family members with caregivers. According to a recent Home Care Pulse Survey, Open Arms Solutions has a 93 percent client-caregiver compatibility rate. The agency achieves this rate by having rigorous recruitment and screening standards, resulting in hiring only 5 percent of total applicants to ensure quality, skill, professionalism and the best personality pairing. Once Open Arms Solutions approves and matches caregivers, the agency then takes care to a new level by providing hands-on training that exceeds regulatory requirements; closely managing family member relationships with caregivers through experienced care managers; and having around-the-clock availability. Open Arms Solutions takes pride in treating every aging parent and adult child like family – and carefully matching caregivers to help secure peace of mind and independence!

Chicago Resident, Virginia Braxton, after having experiences with different agencies, said, “I have learned from experience to consider the first three days as a ‘probation’ period…competence and fit (personality) are two different issues when deciding if a caregiver is right for you and your spouse. OAS was able to meet our needs for high-quality caregivers.”

Feel confident in your decision to refer your residents and valued clients to a home care agency that cares as much about the wellbeing of aging parents as you do, whether they are residents or clients. Visit Open Arms Solutions at or call (847) 272-4997.

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